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My late parents’ salvation

I would like to take this opportunity to share about my late parents and how they had received the Lord into their hearts.

I was born in a non-Christian family. My parents were Buddhist. They worshipped their ancestors and my late mum was on vegetarian diet every morning till 1pm. It is also her practice to be on full vegetarian diet during the first and fifteen days of each month.

Despite of her belief she still sent her children to mission school because she believed that the system in the school would somehow impart good values and characters to her children. She sent me to Fairfield Methodist Girls School. I was there since primary one till O-Level and it was there at a very young age that I came to know the Lord. She did not object me from attending church and even allowed me to be baptized. I was even married in the church.

Along the way my late father suffered a stroke causing paralysis over half of his body. So he needed a walking stick to move around.

Thank God that he was saved through listening to Christian messages on cassette tapes and later he was baptized at home using a bathtub.

In 1984 my late father was admitted to hospital because his whole body turned yellow and the doctor diagnosed him having liver cancer and because of his condition the doctor cannot do any treatment except gave him morphine to ease his pain.

During one of my visit to the hospital he told me that he saw a white figure with long hair and He asked my late father whether he was ready to go.

My late father did not understand what does that mean. I told him he had to answer for himself and if he was ready he will take him home. Jesus appeared to him again the second time and at that moment he replied that he was ready. Slowly his breath became weaker and I thank God for taking him home very peacefully. All Glory to God.

A week later, after my late father had passed away, my late mother dreamed that she saw him walking without using the walking stick. Out of curiosity she asked him why. He smiled at her and told her that God had given him a new body and in heaven there is no sickness. My late mother was even more curious, asking him what he was doing in heaven. He said he was happy, worshipping and praising God everyday and heaven is indeed a very beautiful, wonderful place to stay with no fear and without worry. There is also no physical pain at all.

Hearing that she told him that she wanted to go heaven when she died.

Immediately, my late father replied her that only those who believed in

Jesus Christ can experience eternal life and if she does not believe in Jesus

Christ, she will go to hell which is dark and is a burning place. She woke up with fear.

Without a second thought, she did not ask me or call the pastor, with great faith, she just simply wrapped up all her idols in the newspaper and threw them into the dustbin.

She decided to become Christian on her own. Later she followed my sister to a Chinese church and subsequently was baptized.

In December 2010 my late mother was taken home to be with the Lord at the age of 91 very peacefully without suffering. I give God all the Glory, honor and praises to His name, amen.