To be of the world is to be an enemy of God, we must not be driven by the same things as the people of the world

People of the world are driven by 4 things

1. Guilt, regrets

  • People who live in the past
  • Example of Cain
  • Condemnation makes us further from God
  • God’s purpose is not limited by your past
  • God is our hope, we trust in Him
  • God specialises in giving fresh starts

2. Anger/resentment

  • Living in sin prevents us from being close to God
    Resentment hurts you more than the offender

3. Fear

  • Fear caused by unrealistic expectations of yourself or other people of you
  • Fear is a self-imposed prison that prevents us from being who God wants us to be

4. Material things

  • Values and not valuables
  • Our heart must be right before God
  • All things are temporal, God is eternal
  • One man cannot serve two masters

What should you do in your life with what God has given you?
Let God use you, we are willing and He is able