The disciplines of the Lord by Rev. Alan Koh 10th Sept 2017

We are to Fulfill the destiny that God has destined for the church

Current world situation :
The beginning of birth pangs
We need to Shift our values, orientation, the way we live our lives.
Preach the gospel of Jesus as a priority as many souls will be lost without Jesus.

Eph 2:8-10
We are saved by grace of God.
Salvation is God’s work in us
We are created in Christ’s Jesus for good works.
God expects us to be fruitful & produce good fruits not by our works but by God.
Jesus said the Father will Cut off every branch that bears no fruit. Every branch that bears fruit, God prunes.

The hand of disciplines upon us is for our good so as to bring us to Himself. This is also proof that we are children of God. Hard truth to swallow but God’s grace & mercy to see us through the tough times.

Purpose of disciplines

Heb 2:5-11
Church has to be put in order in Revelation.
Walking in pride,
Lives Unnecessary cut short
1 Peter 3:10-13
Prov 3:2 let your heart keep my commands for length of days & years of life & peace of God

Biblical examples
Jacob Gal 3:29 was in covenant with the Lord. He was dealt with in discipline by God for his scheming nature

Difference between test (trial) & discipline
Everyone will go through a test

Spiritual attack can be test & also a discipline.
Test : some guidelines

1. Testing our loyalty to God
Do not fear about what you are about to suffer.

2. Testing the purity of our heart
Job refused to curse God even when in the midst of suffering.
Satan used his wife to entice him to  sin.

3.Testing our faith in God : his goodness & His faithfulness

4. Testing our love for brethren
Moses forgo his status as a prince to be with his people

5. Testing our faithfulness to God
Daniel 3 friends (Daniel 3:8-18)

6. Realize that test is a good thing.
Realize that test is not one unless it involves  effort & sacrifice on our part & the price we have to pay. Jesus Himself went through the highest price with His life to redeem us

7. Realize that the invisible realm is witnessing how you decide when you are going through test

8. Test reveals what is inside in our hearts

9. Make a decision b4 the trial comes. Make the decision to stay true to God…choose this day whom you choose

10.  Realize the eternal consequence of our decisions which includes rewards & eternal ranks

11. Do not compare yourself with others in the trials. John 21:18-19