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From the Youth Leader… Margaret Phan:

I believe in discipling with God’s love. I desire to build tomorrow’s leaders by mentoring

today’s youngsters. Someday, I hope they’ll disciple others.

The youth are always full of ideas and creativity. If they are properly grounded in godly values and guided in the right direction, they can be a tremendous blessing!

In youth ministry, we build relationships. It’s a place where the teens learn godly values, share their “up and down” moments, encourage and help each other. At each meeting, every teen takes charge of different responsibilities: do the ice-breaker, lead in Christian songs and share insights from his/her bible reading. We always pray for each other – it allows us to see God at work in our lives. I want them to build strong friendships so that they can support one another even when they become adults.

It’s always such a joy watching them grow stronger in their faith. During one Chiang Mai mission, they took on new roles – planned the ice-breaker, cooked a meal, guide the morning devotion (discuss God’s word) and put up a music concert. All these are opportunities that help them mature as Christians.