From the Hospitality Team Leader… Robert Low and Nancy Tay:

‘Hello, God bless you.’

“您好,上帝保佑您。 ”

“Saluton, Dio benu vin”


“Sawubona, uNkulunkulu akubusise”

' 안녕하세요 , 하나님은 당신 을 축복 '

As Team Hospitality, we’re the heart of the church. It’s our duty to serve others. It’s more than ushering. Every Sunday, we welcome everybody with a sincere greeting – a warm handshake, a smile, or a few positive words like ‘God bless you’ can help make you comfortable. We believe and know that it can brighten your day. It’s our way of saying ‘Have a blessed service’… and to enjoy the rest of the day. We want to be friendly, warm and sincere.

This is how all of us – Robert Low, Sally Phang, Sandy Kyaw, Mey Tee, Bernard, Lily, Elsie and I – at Shekinah Joy show God’s love.

We want to bless everybody – even at the end of the service – because we’d like to see you come back again. After your first visit, there’s a monthly gathering so that we can chit-chat and get to know you better.