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Klein Tan


Meet Pastor Klein Tan

I aspire to live – not a good life but a great one. Worldly pursuits, though interesting are but fleeting. As a Counselling Therapist, I’ve witnessed the frailty of man – and I, too, am not spared from it. I’ve discovered that human dignity is of matchless worth. As a Christ follower, it’s about living up to God’s calling.

My principle? Start well and finish well.

Hence, investing my time in the lives of people – seeing conflicts resolved, marriages restored (I had the pleasure of witnessing a divorced couple remarry after two years of counselling them), getting youth out of trouble and then empowering them to take charge of their lives – is gratifying.

I want to be used of God to positively impact the lives of anyone who crosses my path. This is my privilege. This is the great life I aspire to. This, for me is, is life’s greatest investment.

My wife, Margaret, is a blessing! She has a heart of servanthood and supports me with her love and her giftings – she’s objective, faithful, hospitable and discerning. A great helpmeet in my calling as a pastor. We’ve three children – Gracelyn, our eldest who is 19, Amadeus who’s 17 and Keane is 11 this year. Our hope is to see all three of them fulfill God’s call in their lives. May they each encounter God for themselves and establish their own godly family. Gracelyn and Amadeus serve in youth ministry whereas Keane who is in Sunday school, occasionally helps babysit the toddlers in our midst. He is a compassionate boy. Once, he walked a blind man back to his house on his way home from school. What a joy is it to serve God as a family!

Board Chairman – Soo Guan

Soo Guan, a faithful servant of God with his lovely wife, Faith and daughter Shannon

Board Member: Tee B. C.

Tee and steadfast and dependable servant of God…with his lovely wife Mey, daughter Lydia and son Lucas. Mey is currently handling the Church Account.

Board Member: Robert Low

Robert Low a humble servant of God with his lovely wife, Esther, Daughters Vanessa and Amelia, and son Jeremy

Board Member: Wee Kiat

Wee Kiat, a sharp and reliable man of God

Board Member: Lesley Tee

Lesley is a fun loving yet faithful friend of God. Lesley is also serving as a Lifegroup leader.

Board Member: Mei Kam

Mei Kam a woman with a big heart for people and a woman who loves God… with his lovely husband, Chef Benny. Mei Kam is also serving as a Lifegroup leader.

Shekinah Joy Church Core Leaders


Robert Low (Lifegroup Overseer)


Nancy Tay (Head of Hospitality Ministry)

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Tee B. C. (Board member & Worship leader)


Soo Guan (Board Chairman)

Soo Guan

Wee Kiat (Board Secretary & worship Ministry Head)

Wee Kiat

Evonne Lee (Intercessor)


Margaret Phan (Klein’s soulmate)


Klein Tan (Pastor)

Klein & Margaret1

Mei Kam (Board member * Lifegroup leader)

Benny & Mei Kam

Lesley Tee (Board member & Lifegroup leader)

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