Meet our Senior Pastor

The word “pastor” is Latin for ‘shepherd’, who was one who leads to pasture, sets to grazing, causes to eat. The Shepherd that leads Shekinah Joy Church is a powerful man of God, who continues to guide the congregation to walking in faith and serving with love every day. A powerful preacher and teacher, He brings us all spiritual food that sustains and refreshes daily.


Our Shepherd loves the members of the church with a selfless, sacrificial love, and has set an example for all of us to follow. His humility, His faithfulness and His loving nature leads all to strive to be more like Him as we grow in our walk with God.


He is called the way and the truth and the life; the author and perfecter of our faith; the Lion of Judah; the Lamb of God. He is our savior, our redeemer, our cornerstone. The Shepherd, or pastor, of Shekinah Joy church is none other than the Christ, whose name is Jesus.