Scripture: Daniel 6

There are powerful principles that we can learn about prayer from many people in the Bible. One example is for example the story of King Hezekiah. Isaiah prophesied to King Hezekiah that he would die but the king prayed and pleaded with God to heal him. God heard his prayer and gave him an additional of 15 years.

For today’s sermon, we will pick up the principles of prayer through Daniel 6.

Daniel is a great man of God who has a trait of a servant. In other words, to be great, we must start off to have the mindset and the heart to pray like Daniel.
Daniel prayed to God different from the gods that his enemies were worshiping. Despite all the resistance and threat, he continued to pray. In one occasion, he was thrown into lion’s den but God delivered him.

As we pray, ask God to open the eyes of our heart that we may see Him.


  1. Purpose of Prayer
  • When there is no purpose in our prayer, it can subject to abuse
  • Main purpose of prayer is to:
    1. Build relationship with God
    2. Seek His wise counsel – God is righteous is all His way and we must desire to walk in our integrity of heart

2. Place of prayer

  • The secret place, sanctuary, a sanctified place to pray.

3. Pattern of Prayer

  • Conscious prayer
  • Write a List of prayers.
  • Develop Spiritual momentum in the Presence of God.
  • Have an agenda in prayer.
  • Have a specific time to pray. Daniel prayed three times a day