Who are the IMPACTERS?

The name “Impacters” came about when a group of us who simply wanted to make an impact in the lives of people who are underprivileged. We are people from all walks of life tied together by friendship and a desired to make our lives count. What is unique about the Impacters is that: We would pay for our own expenses in all the activities involved; from transport whether by land or by air to food and accommodation, etc. This is to ensure that if there is any fund raised, every cent will go directly to help the people we are reaching out to. For instance, we had raised funds to replace the broken cupboards and mattresses that were torn and tattered in one orphanage.

With this clear but simple vision, the Impacters have embarked in many meaningful and interesting projects that spans across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and of course our local ground in Singapore. Works involved comprises of coastal cleanup at Sungei Buloh Singapore and in Indonesia Island, visiting orphanages in Batam and in Thailand, regular visits to Girls’ Home for two years, as well as Home of children with Intellectually Disabled and Old Folks Home in Malaysia.

We have even celebrated Christmas and Chinese New Year with the residents in a Children’s Home and an Old Folks’ Home. The latest was when a group of us were trained to handle horses where we use this activity to reach out to Youth at risk for the purpose of Character development.

What we did for the project in Indonesia was: we bought equipments for coastal cleanup and gave them to the villagers after doing it with them. As for the other project in Thailand, we taught character-building topics to children and the youth. On top of that, we also cooked and organized games, craftwork, etc for them. It was very meaningful and fulfilling to spend time with them.

It is our desire to continue these good works as long as there is a need. So, join us and be part of this important mission to bless the society.



Over the years, we have been involved with the Girl’s home and a intellectually disabled home in Johor Bahru Malaysia. Besides this, we have also conducted Coastal cleanup in an island off Indonesia. Over at Thailand, we have also been involved with an orphanage on various activities.



In Singapore, we have organized coastal cleanup at Sungei Buloh, trained under Paisano to conduct sessions with the help of horses for character building and therapeutic purposes. On a lighter note, we have also organized eat-out sessions patronizing eating places set up by Social enterprise that benefits the society.

You can be sure there will be no dull moments.

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