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Overseas missions on a short-term basis are opportunities that allow volunteers to go beyond Singapore to build bridges with the different communities as GOD leads.


What Is A Short-Term Mission?

A short-term mission is an opportunity to witness what God is doing around the world. You get a first-hand experience of getting involved in cross-cultural community work. “Work Hard. Play Hard.” This is our motto.


Why Short-Term?

Our overseas missions are a good way to gain cross-cultural exposure in a foreign land. We want to support the work of foundations such as the Care Corner Orphanage in Thailand. In the process, we forge friendships with the locals as a way to edify them.


Why Go Overseas?

We’ve a long term vision. Our missions have a clear objective. Transformed lives! We start with this end in mind. Lives that are transformed by Jesus’ enduring love. First, we build relationships. And relationships take time. For three consecutive years since 2011, Shekinah Joy has been fielding short-term missions to Thailand.


What Can I Learn From Joining Overseas Missions?

Appreciate God’s goodness. Appreciate one another. There’s no limit to what you can learn.


Who Are The Beneficiaries?

In Thailand, it’s the Care Corner Orphanage, Chiang Mai. We first visited Pastor Ricky Tan and his wife Lay Hwa in 1997. This Singaporean couple has been faithfully serving as mentors to Thai youths for over 20 years. Their long-term commitment resonates with our vision of creating deep impact among people we work with. We’ll continue to make repeat trips to Chiang Mai – to encourage the youth and see them mature into fine adults – adults who will in turn disciple others.


What Kind Of Commitment Is Expected?

Prior to each trip, mission trippers are required to attend a couple of meetings for planning the itinerary, preparation and training. Duties and responsibilities will be assigned to the trippers. For example in Thailand, it can include cooking meals, conducting music lessons for the Thai youth, teaching sessions and even staging Christmas musicals or a youth music concert.


–> Mission For The Hour with the Impacters

We’re also responsible to care for the community within our capacity. Together with our IMPACTERS, we have care and share…..