Getting Married (pre-marital counseling)

You’re in love and plan to marry. Marriage is more than an emotional decision or a social contract. Love alone, however, cannot sustain any relationship. Strong marriages require patience, tolerance and mutual respect. As two individuals from diverse backgrounds of family cultures and upbringing, expectations of marriage can overwhelm.

Marriage is God’s idea. His intent and purpose are for couples to develop Christ-like character. It compels you to be holy. The holy matrimony involves you, your spouse-to-be and God. Spouses committed to walking closely with God can help each other mature spiritually. Marriage becomes a spiritual journey. A Christ-honouring marriage is a healthy picture of Christ’s love relationship with His church – the hallmark of every happy Christian home.

Marriage is not a panacea for loneliness. In itself, it doesn’t make one happy and fulfilled. It’s hard work. Pre-marital counseling (PMC) prepares you for your role and responsibilities as husband and wife. PMC helps to identify blind spots and potential conflict areas and address any issues that may arise.

Does PMC ultimately lead to marriage? Is compatibility a key consideration? What if you’ve contrasting character traits? How do you handle parental objections? More niggling questions? For seven consecutive weeks, PMC covers these major areas:

  1. Christian Marriage
  2. Roles of a Husband and Wife
  3. Self Esteem
  4. Communication
  5. Money
  6. Sex

“Therefore, what God has joined together let not man separate.”  Matthew 19:6